T & C

1. Existing Early Bird Offers will be suspended for participants in the Bullwhip Movement.
2. Bullwhip Movement incentives will be provided on a first come first serve basis with a limit of 500 Nodes and the first 50,000 users only.
3. Every Node can add any number of users, however the KYC incentive for a Node will only be provided for the first 50 users they add.
4. Nodes can trade on the platform as well.
5. When a Node earns €1500 they are additionally incentivized with a bonus of €500.
6. A Node's Referred User can earn up to a maximum of €100.
7. Earnings will be paid out in native tokens of XDAT which will be issued in Q2 2019.
8. Transaction Incentives can be earned up until the Token Generation Event of the XDAT native tokens.
9. If a Node’s Referred User also becomes a Node (“Sub-Node”), then the Node will still receive Transaction Incentives from the Sub-Node’s personal trading. However, Transaction Incentives of such Sub-Node, from its referred users, will not be shared with their parent Node.
10. Users can continue to trade independently and choose not to be part of the Bullwhip Movement. Such Users can still take advantage of Early Bird Offers and will still receive €10 after KYC.
11. Existing Users who have completed KYC will also receive €10, and can participate in the Bullwhip Movement.
12. Users will receive the 100% trading fees(50% in Crypto & 50% in Native Tokens).
13. These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with Maltese law.